Distant Lover

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Six months after the finalization of her divorce, Sasha found herself feeling discouraged with love and dating. She thought about giving up on the idea of being involved with anyone else. As she talked on the phone with her best friend, she made the suggestion that she should sign up on a dating site. She immediately was against it, thinking it was not for her. However that night, she kept seeing the online dating commercials appearing on her television. One late night, she made the decision to give it a try by grabbing her computer and creating a profile. It was disheartening to see the men were only out for one thing. It didn't seem as if they were looking for a serious commitment. Then one night as she was out

bowling, she received a notification that a man name Ethan wanted to connect with her. She was filled with excitement as she gazed at his handsome picture. Her next thoughts lead her to accept his connection. They began messaging one another back and forth that went through the night. For the first time in such a long time, she found herself smiling again.

As Ethan and Sasha talked more and more they uncovered intimate things about their lives. He was a recent widow and raising two daughters. She was divorced with two sons of her own. Ethan was looking to be remarried and possibly having another child. Sasha listened with so much joy and was over the moon with emotions. She knew she had found the one. However they were faced with a trial early on, he lived in Detroit, Michigan and she lived in Cleveland, Ohio. She started to feel like the relationship wouldn't work although he reassured her it would be the best decision she ever made in her life. He told her that she would feel like the happiest woman on the planet. Sasha had her reservations as she told him she have heard that story a million times. So Ethan backed up and they became friends. He followed through on his words and throughout the next few years he showed her acts of a best friend. He prioritized Sasha in his life. Whenever they would end phone calls or messaging he would close with, "you know I love you girl." At first Sasha was so fearful of love that she would only smile and reply, I know."

After two years later, Sasha finally expressed her love to Ethan with, "I love you, too." More years passed between the two of them and Sasha's feelings grew beyond a friendship. She wanted to be more but did not want to mess up their friendship that felt so strong and beautiful. One day after texting he ended in his same way of saying, "you know I love you girl." Sasha immediately texted back, "yeah yeah I know like a big brother to a little sister. Ethan did not respond. She was at work and became extremely nervous. Sasha decided to send him another message that she no longer wanted to be like a little sister to him. He responded, "what do you want to be?" She replied, "your wife!" His next text read, "okay it is time for our first date." The date was scheduled and when she laid eyes on him, she was secure with the feelings that he was tru

ly the one. From that moment, she seen Ethan differently. He asked Sasha on their first date if she would do him the honor of being his woman and Sasha said, "yes!"

Nine years and their friendship has grown stronger. They are each other's best friend and own a few businesses. They are partners yet still "Distant Lovers." She still reside in Cleveland and Ethan lives in the Detroit area. They make time once a month to enjoy long weekend dates or take a vacation while enjoying one another and their families. Sasha almost allowed her fear of distance to keep her from what ended up being the very best decision she ever could have made in choosing a partner.

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