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Cuffed4LIfe Wedding Officiant pose with Bride and Groom at Northeast Wedding Magazine Photoshoot

Thank you considering Cuffed4Life to be apart of your special day!!!

My name is Stephanie N. Trent, I am from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. When I was younger, my upbringings were in a Baptist Church in East Cleveland, Ohio surrounded by my friends.  However as an adult I became part of a Pentecostal Church, where I received my calling to become a Minister. I became licensed and ordained to preach. I found myself searching for where my calling would benefit the most and I was eager to see where the journey would lead me.  I was encouraged by a dear friend to keep pushing forward to find my passion and allow it benefit my life. I was clueless to what my passion entailed. 


I began the process of planning my own wedding and my desires were to have a nice yet inexpensive wedding.  I began to D.I.Y. my bridal bouquet but not your typical bouquet, I wanted a bridal cuff.  It turned out so nicely that I decided to market the cuff and the name Cuffed4Life was born.  


Later, I received a text message that read, "The only judge licensed to solemnize marriage will be on vacation that day and cannot do it. We need a Minister. Can you do it?"  After this honor, I realized my true passion was marriage especially after seeing my parents being married for 46 years and counting. Although passion is not just about the wedding day, I found myself getting my couples to their wedding day  and beyond. I allowing my couples to call me as an ear for their planning frustrations as well as offering couples pre marital coaching. I offer my guidance to my couples after the wedding day as well because my ultimate passion is staying together.


I keep in touch with a lot of my couples and receive invitations to their baby showers and family events  If you choose Cuffed4Life know that my name is not just a catchy phrase, my goal as your Officiant is to make sure you stay cuffed 4 life in marriage. 

Minister Stephanie N. Trent
Officiant & C.E.O of Cuffed4Life

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